Look at Accutane

Thank you for the feedback and sharing your
story…I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have
experienced. I am going to try the minocycoline for 6 weeks
then go on the pill for awhile to see if it will help.
Then I will take a look at Accutane…I just want to
research all options… I did try Proactive and like most
meds, it worked for awhile and then it didn’t..one
product they sell that works well though is the Skin
Lightening Lotion – it helps lighten the redness and
scarring, however I think it makes the skin peel a bit
more… it contains glycolic acid. Thanks for the thought
though…I just have been dealing with acne since I was 12
and I am now 28 (almost 29)…I just am ready to make
a change and really try to take care of this..I
just want to research anything before I get involved
with it, allowing me to make an informed

Thanks again,Lori