depressionHi Sandra, nice to meet you! I hope the Prozac makes a
difference, I know it works wonders for many people… Personally
I’ve never had luck with meds of any kind, they just make me
stupid, but everyone’s different so hopefully you’ll be feeling
better soon!

I think my anxiety depends a lot on the time of month, and how
much caffeine I have, and possibly even the moon phase – I
know that sounds wacky but I’m keeping track of these things
and I really think there’s something to that! :)

Robert, I hope all goes well for your friend, yeah drugs can really
mess with your mental functioning but sometimes it’s better than
the alternative… Hopefully she will get over this in time – I know
I’ve come a long way personally, and there were times when I
was just drugged out of my mind and unable to cope. Thanks for
the Lyme info too – I probably should have mentioned I have a
doctor phobia, and emotionally can only deal with one step at a
time, and my next battle is possibly getting a hysterectomy this
month, so I’m holding on to the info for when I’m ready to take the
next step… I know that probably sounds pathetic but it’s the best I
can do right now, I’ve had so many bad experiences with doctors
who tell me I’m imagining my symptoms or give me drugs that
make me worse… But I really do appreciate the thought! :)